Sara began life as a tiny Lab puppy rescued from a ditch the day before Halloween. As she grew, her owner helped channel Sara’s typical Lab energy by finding a series of canine playmates for her. Unfortunately, when a Doberman playmate vaulted a fence to escape her nipping and jumping, six-month-old Sara tried to follow. She got hung up in the chain links and suffered a severe spiral fracture of her right hind leg.

Her owner rushed Sara to her family veterinarian, who gave her a shot for the pain and referred her to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Hospital. They were met at the door and Sara was taken straight to Dr. Fred Rosen. Dr. Rosen took several radiographs, measured the femur and ordered a stainless steel plate to hold the bones together while they healed. After an operation to align and secure her femur, Sara spent three days in the Intensive Care Ward where she was monitored constantly by the nursing staff. Sara’s owner was invited to visit on Sunday afternoon and took her home on Monday.