Primary Care: Delivering excellent value for your pet care

Sometimes your pet needs to be seen, not on an emergency basis, but for an irritating or uncomfortable issue, or a chronic condition. Our primary care services include:

Dental Care

Does your pet have plaque and tartar build-up, red or bleeding gums, difficulty chewing or bad breath? Gingivitis may be the cause; if untreated it can lead to periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that can cause the loss of teeth. That same bacteria can also damage kidneys, heart, liver and other organs.

We conduct a dental examination as part of our wellness exam. Based on our findings, your pet may need:

  • Dental cleaning with extractions as required
  • Gingival and periodontal disease management
  • Home dental care recommendations and education

Anesthesia is required to keep your pet safe and still during dental cleaning, so we perform a physical and blood tests beforehand. These tests also help develop an individualized anesthetic protocol.

Chronic Disease Management

Like people, dogs and cats can get chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and skin conditions that can impact the quality of their lives.

Our approach is to identify and treat the underlying causes so your pet can feel better for the long term. For example, chronic itching could be due to allergies, parasites, hormonal imbalances or immune-related disorders, or even be coincident with ear and other problems.

We offer a chronic disease management approach that may include medication, diet, supplements and exercise. Periodic testing and consultation allows us to monitor progress and adjust as needed.


Nearly 60% of the pets we see have some type of skin problem. Solving a dermatology problem requires more than just prescribing steroids; we need to identify underlying causes. Those can include allergies, parasites, hormonal under- or over-production or immune-related disorders such as lupus.