Referring DVMs

When you refer a patient to our hospital, your client and patient will receive the best, most advanced treatments we can offer. Our services reflect on your practice, and we are grateful for your trust.

We encourage referring veterinarians to include a treatment plan. If variations are needed, we will discuss those options with you prior to treatment if possible. (The rest of the information listed on this page can remain the same).

To refer a patient:

  • Call the hospital and speak with the veterinarian on shift (828-697-7767)
  • Fax the patient’s medical record and laboratory reports (828-697-7769)
  • Have the client bring any radiographs of the patient

Communication Throughout the Process

The on duty veterinarian will call you to discuss the case after the visit or the next morning if the pet comes in after hours. 24-hour care cases receive regular updates to your office. We also fax patient records to you once the patient leaves our facility. The pet’s companion receives a copy of medical records and radiographs or ultrasound reports to bring to your office.

Follow Up  Care

All pets referred to our practice are referred back to your office. If a pet is too sick to travel or cannot be picked up we will continue the care as long as needed.