Scarlet and Gus are Champion Mini Bull Terriers whose owners were looking forward to their first litter with eager anticipation. Scarlet’s health was closely monitored throughout her pregnancy and everything appeared to be fine. However, after several hours of unproductive labor, she was rushed to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinarian Emergency Hospital for help with the delivery, including a possible emergency Cesarean Section.

When obstetrical assistance failed to allow Scarlet to deliver her puppies naturally, the Cesarean Section was needed. Knowing how important it is to minimize the puppies’ exposure to the anesthesia that is given to the mother and carried through her blood stream, Dr. Fred Rosen was able to induce Scarlet and deliver six pups in a total of only seven minutes. That rapid procedure resulted in all six new puppies being healthy and alert, despite the delivery complications.

According to Gus and Scarlet’s owners, their pups have new homes as far away as Poland and Brazil, “thanks to the wonderful doctors at Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinary Emergency Hospital.”