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Educational Resources: Valuable pet owner information

Cesarean Section

Scarlet and Gus are Champion Mini Bull Terriers whose owners were looking forward to their first litter with eager anticipation. Scarlet’s health was closely monitored throughout her pregnancy and everything appeared to be fine. However, after several hours of unproductive labor, she was rushed to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital & Veterinarian Emergency Hospital for help with the delivery, including [...]

Halloween Tips

Halloween brings some dangers for pets that can be avoided if planned for ahead. Pets and candy, the worst most toxic of the candy is dark chocolate, but keep all candy away from your pets, as it can make them sick. As a veterinary emergency hospital, we see many cases of chocolate toxicity. The symptoms to look for are: Signals [...]

Christmas Season Safety

Dietary Indiscretions: The holiday season brings lots of good food, sweet treats and presents for all. However, these same goodies can be hazardous to your pets! Dogs love chocolate and other toxic foods such as grapes and raisins. Dark Baker’s Chocolate is the most toxic. It contains the toxins Caffeine and Theobromine. Milk Chocolatecontains a smaller amount of the toxins but, with a large enough [...]